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Chepang Hill Trek

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Majestic view of Himalayan Peaks.

Experience isolated Chepang villages and culture.

Experience of partly-nomad lifestyle. 

Witness hunting and eat traditional dishes. 

Trek through isolated trails of green high hills and dense forest. 

Meet the endangered ethnicity of Nepal.


Chepang Hill trek lies at an elevation of 1945m in the Mahabharat Mountain range of Central Nepal north to Chitwan National Park. Firstly, the trek starts on the drive from Kathmandu to Hugdi and further on foot. Chepang people are the indigenous Tibeto-Burman ethnic people called to be the poorest of the poor and endangered communities in Nepal. Gradually, Chepangs are shifting from a semi-nomadic lifestyle to a more normal settled life. 

Along with experiencing the Chepang culture and tradition, the trek is full of exotic views, crackling trees of dense forest, chirping birds, and crimson sunrise and sunset. However, the local people live by hunting, fishing and self-sustain farming or majorly depend on maize, rice and wheat. Likewise, the Chepang community has its own culture, tradition, and language and dressing style. Chepang community provides a completely different cultural experience than of what heard, read, or experienced in the rest of the Nepal. 

Surprisingly, the trails also showcase the sublime and distinguished view of splendid Himalayan Peaks such as Rolwaling, Dorje Lapka, Gaurishankar, Langtang, Manaslu Range, Himalchuli, Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri.  The magnificent view of the landscape, the tourist-friendly locals, Chepang culture, local dishes and homestays make this trek to Chepang hill a remarkable experience of the isolated trails.

The trails are accompanied by the high hill and streams along with some wildlife in a dense forest. Moreover, the established Chepang museum serves the best history of the culture, language, lifestyle and musical instruments. Ultimately, the trek is put to the final phase after hiking the upper Dhangadi to Shaktikhor and drive back to Kathmandu. 

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