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Visit the most visited and popular National Park.

Experience the adventure of Safari, cycling, canoe riding and hiking.

Observe several rarest wild animals especially the one-horned Rhino.

See the rarest birds and reptiles.

Visit indigenous Tharu village and stay in Sauraha homestays.

Gain insight of indigenous culture and lifestyle.


Chitwan National Park is one of the most popular and visited protected areas in Nepal. It covers the area of approx. 1000 sq. km in the lower belt of South-central Nepal in Chitwan district. During the season of spring and autumn, the number of visitors increases greatly for the adventure and experience of the wildlife. In 1973, the area was identified as National Park and obtained the recognition of world heritage in 1984.

One of the densest Terai (flatlands) Jungle has the varieties of rare floras and faunas found in Nepal. Similarly, the Chitwan Wildlife Tour not only includes exploration of the forest and wildlife but also includes several adventurous activities such as jeep safari, elephant ride, hiking, cycling, canoe ride and camping. The protected area settles in between the border of the two big rivers called Narayani and Rapti River. The Chitwan National Park is protected and patrolled by the Nepal Army to stop the hunting and poaching of wildlife.  

The protected bio-diversity of the park is the habitat for the immense number of species of animals and birds. Travelers can enjoy the sightseeing along with crossing wild animals during Elephant safari, jeep safari or canoe ride. Tourists can enjoy the views of wildlife such as the Asiatic elephant, langur, brown bear, one-horned Rhinoceros (Gainda), four-horned antelope, wild boar, wild cat, barking deer, crocodile and the Royal Bengal tiger. Similarly, the Chitwan Wildlife Area is also a natural habitat for many species of reptiles and birds including the rarest birds such as crested hornbills, emerald doves, ruby-cheeked sunbirds, and jungle owlets. 

In the addition to wildlife and bio-diversity, the major attraction to the park is the village of indigenous people called Tharu and the new Sauraha homestays which offer ethnic lifestyle, traditional cuisine, cultural dance and old-style homestays. The overall experience of the travel to Chitwan National Park is enjoyable, the realization of sonder and the thirst to solivagant is fulfilled. The trip to Chitwan National Park is mostly a joint trip to another location too, the trip to Lumbini (the birthplace of Gautam Buddha).

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