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Play with colors in the Holi celebration.

Attend the organised concerts for Holi.

Experience local culture and cuisines.

Drink Bhang and eat sweet dishes.

Forget stress and re-live life..

Enjoy the trekking with magnificent nature and landscapes.


Holi is the Hindu festival celebrated with colors smearing over each other. Holi trek refers to the trekking between the month of February and March along with colorful festival which glorifies the trek. Holi is a great celebration for the victory of good over evil and to welcome the onset spring season dominantly in Nepal and India.

The statement “Triumph of Good over Evil” and “playing color” is associated with the mythological story of “Mahabharata - the ancient Hindu epic” in the chapters of Bhagavata Purana. A King of demonic Asuras called Hiranyakashyap was blessed with five boons from god Brahma which made him indestructible. He grew arrogant and asked people to worship him whereas on the contrary his own son Prince Prahlad was an intransigent devotee to god Vishnu and disagreed with his father.

King Hiranyakashyap in his furor asked his sister Holika (Aunt to Prahlad) to punish his son viciously. Hence, Holika tricked Prahlad to sit on a pyre with her. Holika wore a cloak that was immune to fire but as the fire grew bigger cloak flew from her and wrapped Prahlad. Holika burned to ashes in that fire while Prince walked out of the fire safely. When Prahlad walked out of fire people poured him with color water as a celebration of the Triumph of good over evil. Later, the next day god Vishnu incarnated as Narsimha (Half-lion, half-human) and killed the King Hiranyakashyap in a way he was not boon to. 

Since then the believers of Hinduism celebrate Holi playing color, strolling all-around and smearing colors over everyone they encounter regardless of color, caste and religion. They play with color powder, color water, balloons filled colored water and water guns. Similarly, people organize a holi party where they drink “Bhang-the edible mixture of female plant of cannabis or marijuana” and dance on the loud holi music. Families also prepare several delicious and sweet cuisines to serve to the relatives and friends visiting home. Later, in the evening people are newly dressed and nosh the delicious food and offer some cash to younger as blessings. 

Meanwhile, tourists who explore Nepal and trek the mountains get to enjoy the colorful festivals and experience various traditions and culture. Kathmandu and Pokhara are the hubs for massive organised celebrations and street celebrations of festivals. Many tourist have been especially coming to Nepal to celebrate Holi. The magnificent and beautiful landscape, pristine nature, majestic mountains and deep gorges make this festival rewarding for trekkers. 

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