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Honey Hunting Tour: A Unique Adventure to Experience the Daring Tradition in the Mountains of Nepal

Honey Hunting Tour is a unique holiday experience in Nepal. It takes you to the remote village of Nepal to explore and enjoy the wild honey beehive hunting. Some of the rural areas in the mountains of Nepal are famous for their wild honey harvesting culture from the jagged cliffs.

The traditional wild honey hunters harvest honey in the most daring and traditional way from scary cliffs 100s of meters above the ground. Wild honeybees collect nectar and collect them in the beehive in the cliffs. When those beehives are ready to harvest; the traditional honey hunting is organized. The daring traditional honey hunters from the villages gather in the cliffs with beehives. They perform special rituals to initiate the hunting, and later get on to the action.

It is a thrilling action that makes you feel your goosebumps when you see the honey hunters hanging on a cliff with the help of a rope ladder. This action is surely as exciting as things can be. You will learn the traditional lifestyle of people living in the region and also enjoy the interesting honey hunting.

Highlights of Honey Hunting Tour

  • Unique holiday experience to see wild honey hunting
  • Homestay experience at an ethnic Gurung village
  • 2 days of beautiful trekking experience
  • Watch the honey hunters in action
  • Experience the serenity and simplicity of the mountains in Nepal

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Trip Highlights

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16 nights



Land transportation included. Where applicable, Intra-air between cities may be included, please contact us for details.

24 Meals

16 breakfasts, 8 dinners (including Be My Guest)

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Kathmandu Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square

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