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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

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Visit the reserve wetland of Nepal.

Watch 280 species of birds nesting and flying.

Observe the endangered water buffalos (Arna).

Boat on a Sapta Koshi River.

Walkthrough the wetlands, ponds and farmlands.

Witness several other rare species of wild animals.

Enjoy Elephant Safari to see other wild animals.


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is mainly popular for bird-watching and observing some of the rarest wild animals. Koshi Tappu reserve lies between the Saptari and Sunsari district in the lower belt of eastern Nepal. The reserve is the paradise for the bird watchers since it is home to approx. 280 species of birds which is seen nesting and swirling throughout the jungle. 

The reserve is one of the largest wetlands in Nepal where the rarest mammal called water buffalo (Arna) habitats. Along with this, travelers can also enjoy the captivating views of the boats in a river, ponds with fishes, wetlands with water buffalos relaxing, migrating birds, scrub forest and grasslands. The Koshi Tappu Reserve is also famous for cycling, strolling, camping and boating. Travelers enjoy the boat ride in the untamed, breezy and sparkling Sapta Koshi River to discover its terrestrial which is somewhat similar to spotting tropical fish and coral reef. 

Additionally, travelers can enjoy the elephant safari throughout the jungle and wetlands starting from dusk to dawn allows travelers to observe the rarest animals such as hog deer, wild boar, spotted deer, jackals and Gangetic Dolphin and rarest birds settling back to their nest. The Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve is absolute fun, adventure and experience of wild nature. It is worth traveling and experiencing the wetlands and wildlife of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

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