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Flight and spectacular view from it.

Experience of rural villages, simple lodges and delicious food. 

Visit village of ethnic group of Rai and Sherpa

Trek through Makalu Barun National Park.

Views of rivers, waterfall and ponds.

Reach Makalu Base Camp

Views of the snow-capped mountains.


Makalu Base camp is one of the adventurous and technical trekking at an elevation of 4853 m. MBC lies in the lap of the 5th highest Mountain Mount Makalu elevated to 8481 m. It is full of wild trekking trials followed by varieties of life-changing experiences and culture along with a tremendous amount of natural beauty. The best season to trek to Base camp is March/April or September to November where you can experience amazing views of snow-clad mountains.

A flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar and 2 hours of drive to Chichila makes hikers to tighten-up the belt for the real adventure that starts peaking trekker’s adrenaline. The hike to MBC passes through cloud forests of the 8th largest national park called Makalu Barun providing some rare species of flora and fauna, 421 species of birds, 315 type of butterflies, 67 types of herbs, 25 species of Rhododendron, 47 types of orchid, red panda, musk deer and many wild lives. 

Along with flabbergasting nature and adventure, trekkers also experience the indigenous culture of Rai and Sherpa residing in these ranges. The trek initiates in a warm climate with beautiful terrace farming inhabited by ethnic Rai people. The trekking gets easier with stoned steps leading to the extreme trails and unforgettable beauty of mountains. 

As the height elevates, the air becomes crisp and freezing. The beauty of Makalu range spellbound trekkers with its immense beauty and culture. The Barun National Park through-out the journey provides fascinating views of nature, rhododendron forest and wild animals enjoying nature at its best.  

The howling sound of the wind and nature brings peace to the soul. The trail reaches to Sano Pokahri (small Pond) and Elephant-shaped Thulo Pokhari (Large Pond) over the height 4000m. Further, the wooden bridge over the Barun River burbling in its flow provides exceptional views and excites the trekkers. The trek leads to steep granite cliffs, spectacular waterfalls and glaciers. 

Also, the landscape is just amazing with the incredible sights of mountains. The resting places are simple lodges but the welcoming Sherpa people with delicious food relieve exertion of all-day trekking throughout the hike. 

Ascending Upon the trails and reaching the Makalu Base Camp, the magnificent and celestial view of enthralling Kangshung face of the majestic Everest, the river valley and the massifs of Makalu, Lhotse, Chamlang and Kanchanjunga in the far-east leaves travelers speechless. 

Trip Highlights

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Select a Day

  • Day 1: Welcome to Kathmandu 1400 meters

  • Day 2: Explore Kathmandu

  • Day 3: Flight to Tumlingtar and drive to Chichila

    A group of trekkers takes flight (An hour) to Tumlingtar and Driver through a major town Kandabari in the district at an elevation of 1960 meters before descending Chichila to say overnight. The drive projects scenic beauty of nature along with several settlements.

  • Day 4: Trek to Num (1524m)

    The trek starts towards Num on a crumbling trail from chichila to reach Num. The walk will be for 7 hours to stay overnight and eat delicious local food. The beautiful villages, the welcoming gesture from locals wins the heart of all people trekking through.

  • Day 5: Trek to Seduwa (1600m)

    The local breakfast and smile in the dawn will provide us the energy to further journey. Trekkers descend to the Arun River after 2 hours and climb a steep terrain to Seduwa. The suspension bridge over the Arun River makes travelers feel a swing in the air and fills them with joy. The trails have beautiful cardamom crops and terrace farming along with giant bamboos and scattered beautiful villages which make hikers forget the 6-7 hours of a long hike.

  • Day 6: Trek to Tashigaon (2063m)

    Trekkers walk through many farmlands, bamboo forests and Rhododendron forests along with the wooden bridges. The flabbergasting mani walls following trekkers on stones steps to reach Tashigaon shows the cultural or ethnic creativity of the Sherpa community. The 4-5 hours of penetration through farmlands or forest and ascent on stone steps takes hikers to Tashigaon for resting in small cozy tea houses.

  • Day 7: Trek to Khongma Danda (3500m)

    A really challenging day to trekkers as the journey hikes up the real steep. Taking up the stone steps from Tashigaon. After walking for three hours, trekkers stretch and have lunch at Dhara (2867m). The next two hours of hike to Unshisha toiling upwards, trekkers reach a stone rest stop with prayers flags and finally reach to Khongma Danda for overnight stay. The body starts acclimatizing the elevations from there.

  • Day 8: Acclimatization day at Khongma Danda

    Since the elevation ahead starts rising, acclimatization becomes necessary for the body to cope well in higher altitudes. After sleeping a night, trekkers spend a day in Khongma Danda hiking to the nearby Khongma La (3890m) and enjoying the blissful rhododendron bushes. As the hikers get enough time to enjoy the scenic beauty, they retrace to the Khongma Danda Tea Houses for their proper rest.

  • Day 9: Trek to Dobato (3860m) via Shipton La(4229m)

    The real adventure starts from here with cool and crisp breeze freezing the nose and striking views of scow-clad white giants. During this trek, trekkers cross few Passes; ascending through rhododendron bushes to Khongma La, heading towards some steep stone brings you to Sano Pokhari danda with a small lake view. Eventually, with ascending and descending of the trials trekkers reach to the highest pass, Shipton La (4200m). The pass is followed by the creative mani walls with Buddhist scriptures on it adorned with prayer flags. Moving ahead, the last pass of the day i.e. Keke La is climbed easily and next approx. an hour of drop away, trekkers reach Dobato. After trekking for 6-7 hours, the accommodation here is comparatively better than other till here which comforts you for your long journey.

  • Day 10: Trek to Yangle Kharke (3600m)

    After breakfast, trekkers descend through pine and rhododendron forest towards Barun River. Hiking for four hours along with the wilderness of nature, trekkers reach Themathang kKharka and further walking for a while to cross Barun River on a wooden bridge. The trail follows the river on your left walking the stony path reaching Yangle Kharka. The continuous 5-6 hours of walk on heaved trials exhaust trekkers and it brings the right time to rest with the howling sound of breeze and animals.

  • Day 11: Trek to Langmale Kharka (4420m) 5-6 hours

    From Yangle Kharka, trekkers drop downhill to the river passing by and decorated with Buddhist prayer flags along the trails. The views start dominating by the Massifs Mountains and snow-clad peaks along with Yaupa peak. Further, the trials lead to Merek and from there it takes 2 hours to reach Langmake Kharka. Since the destination comes ahead to them on the next day, trekkers get excited to reach Makalu Base camp.

  • Day 12: Trek to Makalu Base Camp (4853m)

    On day 12, trekker hike to Makalu base camp, the lap of the 5th highest mountains in the world. Trekkers begin their journey early in the morning to reach Shersang (4630m), a small stone hut. From the spot, the undefinable beauty of Mt. Makalu appears to appease the trekker’s heart. The four-sided shape of gigantic, enchanting and sensational Makalu spellbound travelers with its astounding and unbelievable beauty. Mt. Makalu completely dominates the view as expected at Makalu Base camp.

  • Day 13: Explore Makalu Base Camp

    The tea houses and lodges are there to provide sufficient time to stay and explore the captivating and alluring beauty of the MBC. Trekkers can hike up to the ridge (5300m) to witness the beautiful panoramic view of the base camp. Along with this, trekkers also get a glimpse of the world tallest mountain from its rarest seen side called the Kangshung face of the majestic Everest along with Lhotse, Nuptse, Peak IV, peak VI and peak VII as well as a close-up and vivid view of Makalu.

  • Day 14: Trek Back to Yangle Kharka (3600m) 6-7 hours

    After rejoicing the enthralling beauty of mountain and MBC, trekkers retrace back to Yangle Kharka and take a hot shower with a small fee if they wish to.

  • Day 15: Trek from yangle Kharke to Thulo Pokhari (4000m) 6-7 hours

    After the morning breakfast, the trekkers ascend steeply to reach Thulo Pokhari. The trails are full of the scenic beauty of mountain landscapes.

  • Day 16: Trek from Thulo Pokhari to Tashigaon (2063m) 7hrs

    Trekkers will be heading west and continue descending all the way down to Tashigaon. Trekkers get to see the several lovely villages, forest trails and stream and finally ascend to Tashigaon.

  • Day 17: Trek to Seduwa (1610m) 6 hrs

    After crossing several farmlands and streams, trekkers reach Ropesa Village. Further, the trails ascend towards Kasuwa Khola from where hikers will trek down to Manigaon. A short and relaxing walk from Manigaon will reach Seduwa.

  • Day 18: Trek to Num (1524m)

    The journey back to Num starts by drop downhill on a rough trail crossing the suspension bridge over Arun River. The trail becomes steep as trekkers move ahead and carefully hike to reach Lumbang. Following the terraced farmland, trekkers reach to Num village to stay overnight.

  • Day 19: Drive to Tumlingtar

    After the morning breakfast and relaxing conversations, everyone will hop on to the tourist bus/van for 6 hour-long journey. The drive be a long a scenic along with forests and several small settlements.

  • Day 20: Flight to Kathmandu

    After a long night sleep and rest, everyone will get up early to get ready for their morning flights to Kathmandu. The day is rest upon you either to relax, get a massage or go shopping.

Trip Highlights

What's included

16 nights



Land transportation included. Where applicable, Intra-air between cities may be included, please contact us for details.

24 Meals

16 breakfasts, 8 dinners (including Be My Guest)

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Kathmandu Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square

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