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Enjoy cultural cuisine.

Discover the magnificent cultures of high mountains.

Trek to majestic and splendid Himalayas.

Gain Insight from the yearning for happy conjugal lives.

Celebrate Teej and enjoy the core significance of the festival.

Opportunity to dress up traditionally and participate in festive functions.


Teej, also known as Haritilak is a festival significantly celebrated by Nepali Hindu women across the country. In the meantime, tourists are spellbound by surprising festive. The festival is retraced from the ancient Hindu scriptures explaining the story of a union of the god Shiva and goddess Parvati (Teej Goddess). It is believed that Parvati fasted for 108 years for Shiva to show love and dedication before he accepted her as his wife.

Following the rituals, the festival involves three days of celebration followed by singing, dancing, women adorned in Red Sarees, bangles, jewelries, red Tika, hands covered with henna, and preparation of delicious food. Meanwhile, Teej is also celebrated for the end of the monsoon. On the first day, called DarKhane din, women are invited to their parent’s or friend’s homes for celebration and dining for delicious traditional cuisines. 

From the second day, women fast for 24 hours without water and food for the happiness between spouse, wellbeing, and long-life of her husband worshiping the god Shiva and goddess Parvati. Subsequently, women break the fast after performing the Sapta Puja and taking bath in holy rivers on the last day known as Rishi Panchami followed by several celebrations and worships. This festival falls in late July or August.

Nepal is rich in cultures and believes in “Athiti Devo Bhava-the guest is a god”, hence most of the travelers get an immense opportunity to celebrate this magical festival especially by women travelers being a part of it (not necessarily fasting).  The trek during the Teej festival leaves you flabbergasted seeing the valleys and villages preserving the culture and celebrating on the high mountains abandoned far away from urban. The celebration of Teej such as dancing, singing, wearing beautiful attires and delicious food surrounded by beautiful landscapes, natural beauty, dense forest, high mountains, and rivers are surprisingly mesmerising.

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