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Best time to go Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most popular activities that tourists like to indulge in when they plan to visit Nepal. The snow-capped Himalayan range in the northern part of the country offers a charismatic ambiance for a peaceful and adventure holiday experience. However, due to the high elevation of the mountains like Everest region, trekking in most of the mountain areas is dependent on the weather condition. We are going to talk about the best time to go trekking in Nepal in this post.

Although trekking activity is possible throughout the year in some of the areas, there are basically two seasons to go trekking in Nepal. These two seasons are the best time to go trekking in Nepal.

Spring Season (March-May)

Spring season is one of the best times for the trekking adventure in the Himalayas. As the country gets over the chilly winter, the days start getting warmer as the month of March starts. The weather situation in the mountains in the spring season is perfect for the walking adventure. With clear views of the mountains, one can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the mountains.

Although it may feel a little hot to trek in the lower part of the mountains, you will find the days to be cooler as you trek to a higher elevation. Natural surroundings look amazing with all the flowers blooming and with the greenery everywhere. You can see colorful rhododendron in full bloom in the mountains during this season.

Spring season surely offers one of the best trekking experiences in the mountains of Nepal.

Autumn Season (September-November)

Another best time to go trekking in Nepal is the autumn season. With the end of the monsoon, the days get more pleasant with sunny days and clean surroundings. In fact, the view of the mountains gets the best exposure during this season.

Temperature is best to walk along the mountains. The days are cooler, clearer and pleasant to walk through the beautiful surroundings and nature. You will have the best experience of the trekking in the mountains of Nepal during the autumn season in Nepal.


Although autumn and spring are the two best seasons for trekking in Nepal, some lower elevation trekking can be done throughout the year.

Hopefully, this post will give you some idea to plan for your trekking adventure in Nepal. If you have any more questions, please send us an email here. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

A journey that brings peace and joy in mind is definitely a trip of lifetime.

Nepal offers many such trips of life time around its incredibly beautiful landscapes from southern plains to northern high mountains with middle hills. As the country with rich natural resources and mighty Himalayan peaks, Nepal is a destination to enjoy adventure, culture and spirituality.

Of several Nepal tour packages, you can make your choice to suit your interest. Adventure trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is a wonderful trip like nowhere. From the popular Everest region and Annapurna region trekking to a must do Langtang trekking including Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Upper Dolpa, Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga and several other Himalayan adventures, Nepal offers incredible trips of lifetime. Apart from trekking adventures, travellers can enjoy cultural and spiritual wonders spread around different parts of country.

As the country of multiple and diverse ethnicity and cultural traditions, Nepal is a wonderful destination for the travellers having taste in rich cultural diversity. From the Newars of Kathmandu valley to the Tharus of Chitwan and southern plains and Gurungs and Magars of middle hills, they are the communities rich in cultural traditions which differ completely from one another.

Spirituality is another fascinating feature that Nepal has to offer. The spiritual vibrations that arise from the mighty Himalayas and several spiritual places around the country make the atmosphere highly rich in spirituality. Nepal offers a wonderful spiritual environment for the people looking for a quiet and peaceful getaway. Several temples and stupas spread around the country make the travellers feel those spiritual vibrations in abundance in the places they go to while they are in Nepal.

A wonderful mixture of these fascinating aspects – adventure, culture and spirituality – provides some life time experiences and makes the trip memorable. At Asiana Treks and Tours, we specialize in organizing and leading all of these kinds of trips to the Himalayas. We design our trips to meet the expectation of travellers to give them wonderful experience of their desired trip to Nepal.