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Dhampus Hiking

  • 1 Days
  • 97 only

One of the great view points for the Himalayan panorama around Pokhara, Dhampus is a wonderful place to be. Dhampus hiking is an incredible choice to be at such an amazing place. After about half an hour of drive, we reach Dhampus Phedi to start the hike.

The hike starts with steep uphill step walking to reach terrace crop fields that lead to the village. It is an amazing cultural and natural walk. Although the whole walking period has no Himalayan view, it has a different charm of walking through local village and nature. The mountain panorama awaits us at the Dhampus top. When we reach Dhampus village, we will be overwhelmed by the close up and panoramic view of the Annapurna range in the Himalayas.

We can enjoy some delicious local foods and drinks with breathtaking view and spend quality moments. After spending memorable time up in Dhampus, it’s time to return back. We walk back down to Phedi and drive back to Pokhara.


This hiking can be done as an overnight trip as well.

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