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Everest Base Camp Tour from Tibet

  • 12 Days
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  • Everest Base Camp Tour from Tibet

Everest Base Camp Tour from Tibet

The journey to the base camp of the highest peak in the world is in itself an incredible feat. Taking Everest Base Camp Tour from Tibet is a spectacular trip to the amazing Tibetan landscape. Visit the fascinating Tibetan cities and eventually to Everest base camp for magnificent views of the Himalayas.  The tour brings an enigmatically charming experience of traveling to the Himalayas.

Reaching to the Everest base camp can be a dream of many. But if long and high altitude trekking is a barrier in accomplishing your dream, then going on Everest base camp tour from Tibet is the best option. You drive to the  Everest base camp in Tibet and experience the joy of the adventure.

Driving amidst the pristine mountains crossing magnificent High Mountain passes towards the Everest base camp is certainly a rewarding journey although it involves a little challenge, the challenge of coping with the high altitude environment.


If you want to trek all the way to the Everest Base Camp, please check this link.


Highlights of Everest Base Camp Tour from Tibet

  • Driving tour to the Everest Base Camp from Tibetan side
  • Explore different Tibetan cities along the way to the base camp
  • Spend a wonderful time at the Everest Base camp
  • Spectacular views of the mountains

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