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Chitlang Trek

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Beautiful view of Himalayan Range.

Explore rural life, ethnic culture and beautiful village.

Visit Hindu temples and see ancient inscriptions.

Experience of traditional homestays and campfire.

Stay in an organic village resort.

Boat in a Man-made Lake called Kulekhani.


Chitlang trek is the shortest but most exhilarating trek in a distance of 22 kms south-west from Kathmandu. The trek starts after an hour of drive from Kathmandu to Thankot. Chitlang is located in Makwanpur district with a magnificent attractions for tourists. The trek also provides magnificent view of Himalayan Peaks. 

Trek to Chitlang will take us to historical villages with its ancient inscriptions, temples with fascinating wooden and stone carvings, artistic rest houses, stone taps and the most ethnic Newar community. Dominatingly, Chitlang is a village to the Newar people where trekkers experience the delicious food, artistic and colorful culture and a language different from what trekkers generally learn. Rice and lentils/Daal Bhaat is “Daal Ja”, Greeting/Namaste is “Jwojolappa” and Thank you or Dhanyabad becomes “Suvya”. 

While trekkers penetrate through the forest, they dive into a beautiful Newari Village surrounded by green exquisite forest with around 160 species of birds and animals. Surprisingly, Chitlang trek brings indescribable scenic views along the trails full of greenery and high hills. In fact, the incredible historical village offers beautiful organic resort with large green fields, pear garden, stunningly beautiful cottages and eternal crimson sunset. Chitlang is an everlasting experience because of its homestays which introduces hikers to the rural and cultural lifestyle of dominated community. A jungle walk by a local guide and evening campfire enlightens the love towards the nature. 

Further, ravishingly beautiful man-made Kulekhani Lake also known as Indrasarovar is two hours hike down from Chitlang. Similarly, the excursion includes boating in a lake and exploration around Markhu village. The Dakshinkali, a temple of Kali Goddess which is a pilgrimage temple for Hindu believers. Uniquely, the temple has its history which is set at a convergence of two sacred streams in rocky cleft. Trekkers explore the area and hike to top hill for the astounding views of the surrounding and visit the living museum which is the oldest hydro-electricity power station. 

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