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Dashain Tihar Trekking

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Gain insight of the culture and tradition. 

Experience the Grand festival of Nepal; Dashain and Tihar.

Trek in the lap of beautiful landscapes and giant mountains.

Mesmerizing and clear views with a favorable season to trek.

Participate and experience the intensity of Dashain and cheerfulness of Tihar.


Nepal is a country rich in culture and religion boasting 123 ethnic groups each with their own culture, lifestyle and social values enjoying the essence of religious harmony and acceptance. Tourists in Nepal are surprised to experience a huge number of cultures and celebrations. However, Hindus grand festival is Dashain and Tihar celebrated between the months of October and November. Dashain Tihar is celebrated for the Triumph of good over evil.  Dashain Tihar is celebrated for 15 days in total of both festivals. 

The festival starts loading fun and celebrations peak by the increasing number of days with few days of performing rituals and worshipping such as the 7th day Phulpati, the 8th day Maha Ashtami, the 9th day Maha Navami and the 10th as Dashain or Bijaya Dhasmi with their particular ceremonies of each day separately.  Finally, the grand day after the 9 consecutive days arrives with massive celebrations across the country called Dashain or Bijaya Dashmi. All these days, the only goddess worshiped is Durga.

The day when goddess Durga got victory over the Mahishasure-The Demon after the fighting the nine consecutive days. People are cheerful and full of joy as if the cities and villages have turned into fair. They put red tika, Jamra, and celebrate it with families and offer some cash to younger ones as blessings and nosh the delicious traditional food together. In fact, Dashain is so great that no matter how far people are, they mostly return back to families for celebration. 

Likewise, this day also marks the victory of Rama over Ravana-The cruel king. Ravana was killed for his tyranny across the world and the abduction of Rama’s wife Sita. Similarly, the Festival Tihar is the second grand festival of 5 days also known as the “The Festival of Lights” with most famous worships such as Kaag Puja (Crow Worship), Kukura Puja (Dog’s worship), Gai Puja (Cow’s worship) along with the Laxmi puja (worship of the goddess of wealth) on the fourth day. The houses and localities are installed with twinkling colorful lights. The fifth day called Bhaitika is celebrated when sisters put colorful tika on the forehead of their brothers offering blessings for long and healthy life. The family gathers to celebrate and enjoy delicious cuisines.

Along with core trekking, also those travelers who love to experience the cultures, religions and live semi-nomadic life are welcome to Nepal. Nepal is not limited to diverse culture but dramatically extended to diverse landscapes, altitude and nature. Moreover, the trekking during Dashain Tihar is full of cultural experience and cheerful celebrations along with the right time for trekking serving the mesmerizing clear views of giant and the majestic Himalayas and favorable weather. 

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