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Jumla Rara Lake

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Adventurous and beautiful trekking trails. 

Remote but welcoming experience of the villages.

Visit Rara National Park

The sight of several species of birds and animals.

Discovering the least fortunate and debased Karnali region.

Camping near deep blue Rara Lake.


Jumla Rara Lake is the shortest and most pristine trek in the Far-west of Nepal. Trek to Rara Lake at an elevation of 2990m is the least frequented route since it introduces trekkers to the wildest adventure and provides a nomadic experience. In fact, the serene and vivid Rara Lake is the largest lake (10.8 sq. Kms) in Nepal with 167 m of depth.

The striking and imperishable beauty of the trails enchants travelers all the way with its remarkable and sheer nature. At first, the trek to Rara National Park starts on a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and on 18 seated airplane from Nepalgunj to Jumla. Infamously, Jumla is also popular for its organically produced apples in the month of July and August. The city looks astonishing during winter since it is covered with white snow-flakes.

The trails follow the Jugad Khola along with the farmlands and authentic remote villages in the forested region is the rewarding experience. The Rara National Park is untouched and has not been despoiled by the herds of trekkers since many tourist did not visit it. As of now, Jumla Rara Trek is the most looked for trekking and it’s added to the bucket list of many people across the world. 

The excursion in Rara National Park caters beautiful pines forest with 214 species of bird, common langurs, red panda, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan Tahr, leopard, wild boar etc. Finally, the tranquil Rara Lake spellbound travelers with its splendid beauty surrounded by green lands and mountains. The lake is the untroubled reflection of the creation of nature. The recompensing experience of the trek is boating in the lake to all corners reflecting sky below as if you are in the sky flying on a boat. 

 Whilst the excursion of Rara National Park and Rara Lake, people also can hike to Chuchemara Hilltop at a steep elevation of 4090m. The panoramic view from the hilltop is an incredible providing the magnificent sight of incredibly tall and snow-covered mountain peak. The overall experience is worthwhile, adventurous, captivating and full of primitive Nepal lifestyle and landscape. 

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