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Lower Dolpa Lake

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Adventurous and beautiful trekking trails. 

Experience pre-Buddhist Bon Po culture.

Camp near deepest She-Phoksundo Lake. 

Visit gompas and shrines.

Trek over three high Passes.

Look out the rarest flora and fauna in Phoksundo National Park.

Discovering debased rain shadow landscape and deep gorges.


Lower Dolpa Trek is an isolated and challenging trek situated in the western part of Nepal. Trek to Lower Dolpa offers the most glorious views of the majestic Himalayan peaks, beautiful landscapes, ancient monasteries, and fortress. Lower Dolpa due to its unique and unimaginable history and the landscape is referred as the Hidden Treasure of Nepal.

In fact, the Dolpa region had been a major business route to Tibet. Similarly, the convoy of Yak carrying traditional business products can be seen during summer. At the same time, the lower Dolpa trek is characterized as strenuous and adventurous since the trail crosses over three high Passes; Kangmara La (5115m), Numa La (5159m) and Baga La(5190m). 

The trek to lower Dolpa is full of the beautiful forests of pine, rhododendron, juniper and bamboo. Additionally, the trek also caters the infusion of winsome villages, giant waterfalls, rivers, deep gorges, high meadow, wooden and air-swinging suspension bridges, and terraced colorful fields. Initially, the trek starts from semi-desert areas admiring the rain shadow landscape of the Himalayas. The trails passes through the rich protected area known as Phoksundo National Park.

The National Park is filled with the tranquil and pristine Phoksundo Lake, white sparkling waterfalls, and wildlife like jackals, musk deer, mountain goat, blue sheep and snow leopard. The trek is fascinating and bewildering due to its ancient Tibetan pre-Buddhism religion “Bon Po”, adventurous high Passes, challenging trails, diverse nature and she-Phoksundo Lake-The deepest Lake in Nepal. The lake is at an elevation of 3589 m with the depth of 145 m. 

Surprisingly, all three passes offer flabbergasting views of Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m) and extended Tibetan peaks. The trekkers also visit the beautiful and colorful monasteries and Bon Po shrines surrounding the Phoksundo Lake. Meanwhile, the trekkers get enchanted by the alluring and indescribable beauty of Phoksundo Lake that splits between 2000m tall mountain rocks. Similarly, the camping around the turquoise Phoksundo Lake is one of the finest experiences of living in nature under clear blue skies, surrounded by enchanting views of mountains, untouched nature, and Bon Po shrines.

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