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Patan Boudha Buddhist Tour

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Walking through the Patan city tour lane to go the amazing Bahals and courtyards with the presence of amazing cultural spirituality is an amazing Budhhist tour experience. The presence of Buddhist stupas, chaityas and monasteries in those beautiful Bahals spreads a great spiritual aura around the city. Visit to the Golden temple, Maha Boudha, Rudravarna Maha Vihar, Naag Bahal and other amazing local areas where traditional art and craft works are done gives an insight of the Budhhism and aestheticism of the place. Visit to the medieval Durbar square of Patan and Kumari temple adds to the beauty of the Patan city tour.

After exploring the city of Patan and Durbar square, the tour goes to the amazing and the largest stupa in the world, Bouddhanath. Exploration of the square circumambulating the stupa with visits to various monasteries gives an insight on the Tibetan Buddhism and about the sacred Tibetan Buddhist site itself. While you walk around the stupa, you will be walking along with many Buddhist monks and other people. Spin the prayer wheels and go around the stupa making your prayers and wishes.

At the end of the tour, you will have a better understanding of Buddhist spirituality with lots of awesome memories.

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