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about Nepal

Wondering where Nepal is? Nepal is the country synonymous to the mighty Himalayan ranges with towering snow-capped peaks. Nepal is the land where the highest mountain in the world is standing tall. Nepal is the land where Buddha was born. Nepal is a metaphor to cultural riches. Nepal is a land of diversity. Nepal is an amazing land with various beautiful things and wonderful people in South Asia.

Geographical Location: Nepal is a small, land locked Himalayan country situated between two Asian giants, China and India. This beautiful country of the Himalayas spreads in the area of 147,181 Sq. km in between 80° 4ˈ and 88° 12ˈ east longitude and 26° 12ˈ and 30° 27ˈ north latitude. With an array of diverse features, Nepal boasts an amazingly incredible topography, from the high snowcapped Himalayas in the north to the plain low lands in the south keeping the hills in the middle.  Almost like a rectangle, Nepal stretches from East to West in the average length of 885 km and 193 km of North to South width. A total of 28 million people from 125 different ethnicities inhabit the country where they speak 92 different dialects. Bustling city of Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal.