"Discover Hidden Gems in Nepal."
"Discover Hidden Gems in Nepal."
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Culture of Nepal


As a multi religious and multi ethnic country, Nepal practices and observes a diverse range of cultural customs. The richness in the culture is an amazing feature of Nepal which has given this land of various cultural ethnicities an incredible distinction. The humble and friendly nature of ever smiling Nepalese has nurtured in them the best sense of hospitality. While they observe many cultural traditions based on their ethnicities and on the national level, all Nepalese have a very common culture of respecting guests as gods with unparalleled hospitality.   

Religion: Although majority of Nepalese follow Hinduism, Nepal is a secular country when it comes to religion and practices multiple religion. 80 percent Hindu population is followed by 10 percent Buddhists and 4 percent of Christians and Muslims each. There are several other small groups of people following different other religions as well. Despite different multiple religions, Nepal has maintained an extremely praiseworthy religious harmony since the ancient times.

People: An incredible mixture of 125 different ethnic groups, people of Nepal are lovely and friendly creatures to deal and live with. Be it the mountain climbing tribe of Sherpas of Everest and eastern mountain region or brave Gurkha communities of Gurungs in Annapurna region or Thakalis of Mustang, all of them are characterized by one very common characteristic feature of friendly and hospitable nature. Brahmins and Chhetris of mid hills, Newars of Kathmandu, Tamangs of Langtang and Manaslu region, Tharus of Southern plains of Chitwan and Bardiya region and several other ethnicities spread throughout the country share the quality of friendliness and hospitality though differ hugely in their ethnic cultural practices.

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