"Discover Hidden Gems in Nepal."
"Discover Hidden Gems in Nepal."
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19 Days






1 to 15


4620 meter.


B/B and Trekking B/L/D


Gurung and Magar




September-November and February to June 15






Local Bus/4 wheel drive/Plane/tourist bus


  • Experience an adventure amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Southern Annapurna Himalayas, featuring breathtaking panoramic vistas.
  • Embark on an incredible journey that seamlessly combines three remarkable treks: Khayar Lake, Annapurna Base Camp, and the hidden gem of Mardi Himal.
  • Discover the thrill of transitioning from well-trodden paths to uncharted territories, immersing yourself in the pristine wilderness.
  • Take in the vibrant cultural diversity of traditional Gurung and Magar farming villages, offering fascinating insights into age-old customs.
  • Venture into remote and isolated realms, where nature thrives in its purest form, leading you to the sacred Khayar Lake and the captivating Mardi Himal region.
  • Witness awe-inspiring sunrises from the vantage point of Poon Hill and explore the scenic wonderland of the Annapurna iconic base camp.
  • Embrace the diversity of climate zones as you journey from the warmth of the lower regions to the cool alpine forests and onwards to the frigid Arctic realm of ice Lake and glacier.


Mardi,Annapurna Base Camp and Khopra RidgeTrekking is an extraordinary and captivating journey that seamlessly combines three of the most popular trekking destinations in the Southern Annapurna Himalaya region: Mardi Himal, Annapurna Base Camp, and Khair Lake. This three-in-one adventure is tailor-made for nature enthusiasts seeking an escape into the pristine wilderness, far from the disruptions of modern roads.
This remarkable trek takes you through some of the most dramatic landscapes, providing daily glimpses of the awe-inspiring Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges. You'll embark on an incredible journey, transitioning from the warm, terraced paddy fields to the refreshing alpine forests adorned with towering rhododendron, oak, magnolia, and pine trees. These hills come alive in spring with vibrant colors as wild rhododendrons bloom profusely, Nepal's national flower.
The trek covers three exceptional areas, each with its unique charm. Ghorepani and Kopra Ridge are renowned for their sprawling natural gardens featuring native rhododendrons. You'll have the opportunity to hike to Poon Hill for breathtaking sunrise vistas that encompass a multitude of peaks. From there, you'll venture off the beaten path to reach the sacred Khayar Lake, a hidden gem seldom visited by trekkers, offering a chance to explore some of the more remote and isolated regions of the Annapurna.
Your adventure commences in the picturesque city of Pokhara, nestled within a stunning valley. The journey begins in the Mardi Himal region, located beneath the towering Machhapuchare South Face, known as the "Fish Tail" peak. From there, you'll transition to the main trekking route leading to the iconic Annapurna Sanctuary, surrounded by towering peaks, ultimately reaching the Annapurna Base Camp, which offers mind-blowing panoramas of the mighty mountains.
As the trek unfolds, you'll journey towards the pristine and remote Khair Lake, considered sacred as the glaciers from the snow-capped peaks feed it. Following this, you'll rejoin the main trekking trails at Ghorepani and Poon Hill, where you'll be treated to captivating sunrise views over a range of mountains. Finally, the trek concludes in the enchanting city of Pokhara, offering a perfect culmination to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
The Standard Annapurna Trekking is a fantastic combination of the most captivating destinations in the Annapurna region, providing an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience for those who seek the best of nature and adventure.


  • 01, Arrival in Kathmandu and Hotel Transfer:1,337 m/4,385ft 3-star hotel.

    When you Land at Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative will warmly welcome you and assist with your transfer to a centrally located hotel in Kathmandu. After you have settled into your comfortable rooms and refreshed, our guide or tour escort will provide you with essential information about your upcoming trek, the Best of Annapurna Himalaya Trekking. They will ensure you have all the details to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

  • 02, Flight to Pokhara, Drive to Phedi, and Trek to Deurali 2,031m/6661 ft takes, 5 hours.

    After a scenic morning flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara's famous and beautiful tourist destination, Upon reaching Phedi a small village on the Pokhara-Beni highway, The path leads uphill through farmhouses and well-tended terraced fields, guides and staff will transport you on an exciting short drive to Phadi. During the drive, you'll be treated to stunning hemja valley after one hour you will have great views of the Annapurna range, including the magnificent Machhapuchare Himal, also known as 'Fish Tail.' You'll rewarded continue to a scenic view and tracess field and Village view from where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramas of Annapurna, Manaslu, Lamjung, and Machhapuchare. After a pleasant lunch break, you continous gradual climb to Potana village, which offers more grand mountain views. The route then takes you further uphill through a forest of rhododendrons and pine trees until you reach Pitam Deurali. From here, you'll have more opportunities to admire the mountains and lush landscapes before reaching Kokar Forest Camp, a place with a few good basic lodges that offer beautiful mountain views. Meals: B/L/D/Accommodation: guest house

  • 03, Trek to High Camp 3,701m/12,139ftB/L/D, Takes 5-6 hours guest house.

    After a peaceful night at Kokar Forest Camp, your morning walk begins with steep climbs to Low Camp, a grazing pasture land, and an overnight stop at Mardi Base Camp. The trek offers magnificent views of Annapurna and Machhapuchare peaks as you walk through the forested surroundings and arrive at High Camp en route to Mardi Base Camp. As you climb higher, you'll enter a more open area, leaving the tree line and entering alpine terrain. At High Camp, you'll have the chance to marvel at the Annapurna Himalayas.

  • 04, Hike to Mardi Himal Base Camp and Return to High Camp 3,701m/12,139ft, B/L/D/ Overnight atGuest house.

    Today, you'll explore the scenic and beautiful high country, embarking on a day hike to the highest point of your adventure, Mardi Base Camp, which is situated at an altitude of over 4,500 meters. The hike will provide breathtaking views of the Annapurna Himalayan range, including the rocky and ice-covered Mardi Himal and the iconic Fish Tail peak (Machhapuchare). After a day filled with stunning scenery, you'll return to High Camp for your overnight stay.

  • 05, Trek to Landruk via High Camp1,565m/5,133ft, B/L/D in gust house,takes 6-7 hours.

    Leaving the lovely forested surroundings of High Camp, your morning walk will take you back to the lower hills, where you'll reach Landruk village. The path leads through forests of rhododendrons and pine trees and follows the same trail to Jungle Camp and beyond. You'll descend for a long while until you reach the base of a high hill at Landruk, where you'll spend the night.

  • 06, Trek to Sinwa Danda via Chomrong and Jhinu Village takes areound 6 hours 2,361m/7,743ft,B/L/D, overnight at guest house.

    After enjoying the fabulous views of Annapurna South and Huinchuli peaks, your walk will take you on a short descent through farming areas. You'll cross a bridge over the Modi River and reach New Bridge, a small village. From here, you'll ascend to Jhinu Danda and its village on stone steps. Your journey climbs to a ridge and then descends to a large Gurung village at Chomrong, where you may stop for lunch. After a refreshing break, the walk drops to Chomrong River and climbs for a while to arrive at Sinwa Danda's ridge top, where you'll find a few simple lodges for your overnight stay.

  • 07, Trek to Deurali,takes around 6 hours; 3,100m/10,168ft Overnight at guest house B/L/D.

    Starting from this isolated spot, the walk leads you into the cool shade of the forest. You'll follow a winding path and descend to Bamboo, a place with several lodges by the Modi River within a bamboo forest. After a short rest, the walk continues uphill to Dovan, located in the middle of a forest within the Modi River gorge. As you continue, the air gets cooler and fresher as you enter the Annapurna Sanctuary. The walk takes you on a gentle ascent to the Himalaya Hotel near Hinko's large cave, right beneath the Hiunchuli peak. You'll walk on an old glacier and moraine from a past avalanche, cross a small bridge, and climb briefly to Deurali, your last lodge, before reaching Machhapuchare Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp.

  • 08, Trek to Annapurna Base Camp: takes around 5-6 hours 4130m/ 13546ft overnight at guesthouse B/L/D.

    Your morning walk today will lead you to one of the highlights of the trek, Annapurna Base Camp, located within a scenic sanctuary surrounded by an array of giant peaks. As you continue, the green vegetation and tree lines will fade as you follow the Modi River upstream. The walk becomes more challenging in some places, with a short, steep climb to Machhapuchare Base Camp, a stunning spot beneath Mt. Machhapuchare's North Face. After a short while, you'll reach Annapurna Base Camp, located at a higher elevation and offers spectacular views of Annapurna peaks encircling the sanctuary, with Annapurna I as the centerpiece. In the afternoon, you'll have leisure time to enjoy the mountain views. Annapurna Base Camp was first explored by British adventurer Col. James O.M. 'Jimmy' Roberts in 1956 and was introduced to the world as the 'Sanctuary of Gods.' The sanctuary has been known as "Annapurna Sanctuary" ever since.

  • 09, Trek back to Sinwa Danda: takes around 6 hours,2,360m/7,740ft overnight at gust house B/L/D.

    After enjoying the morning panorama of the peaks, you'll begin your journey back along the same downhill trails, returning from the arctic terrain of ice and glaciers to the warmth of the woodlands. You'll return to Bamboo, where you'll find several lodges near the Modi River within the bamboo forest. After a brief rest, you'll continue the walk uphill to Sinwa Danda for your overnight stay, following a long and rewarding day of walking.

  • 10, Trek to Tadapani: takes around 6 hours, overnight at guest house 2,685m/8,806ft, B/L/D.

    Today from Sinuwa, you'll walk downhill to a river and uphill to the top ridge of Chomrong village, where your route takes you near Kimrong Valley. The path leads you past Gurjong village and further uphill through forested areas with steep climbs. Eventually, you'll reach Tadapani hilltop, which is nestled within the forest and offers magnificent views of Annapurna peaks.

  • 11, Trek to Chistibung:takes around 6-7 hours, 3,200m/10,496ft at guest house B/L/D.

    After a pleasant overnight stop in Tadapani, your morning walk will take you off the main trekking route to Ghorepani. You'll venture into pure wilderness, trekking high into deep forests of rhododendrons, magnolia, oaks, and pine trees. As you continue, you'll leave behind human settlements and farm villages, reaching an open field called Do-Bato, where you'll enjoy fantastic views of the Annapurna Himalaya range. After a refreshing break, the journey continues, leading you to Bhaise Kharka, another remote and isolated spot with a few small huts serving as tea houses.

  • 12, Trek to Khopra ridge ,Takes around 6 hours,4,020m/13,185ft Over night at guest house B/L/D.

    Today after breakfast in the morning trek begins on off-the-beaten tracks, heading north into a forest of rhododendrons and Bamboo. You'll gradually climb through woodlands, leaving the tree lines and entering alpine terrain. The path will take you to Kopra Ridge, where you'll walk for a few hours and reach this high vantage point. At Kopra Ridge, you'll enjoy stunning views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Vara Shikar (Annapurna Fang), and Annapurna South, towering high above the landscape.

  • 13, Trek to Khayar Lake and Return to Kopra Ridge takes around 6-7 hours,4,020m/13,185ft overnight at guest house B/L/D.

    In the morning, after breakfast you'll set out on your final destination, Khayar Lake, at an elevation of 4,620m. This scenic hike takes you to the holy glacial pond of Khayar. On this local pilgrimage site, religious celebrations occur annually in the auspicious month of August, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar. Villagers from nearby hills and valleys gather to worship the freezing lake and bathe with Lord Shiva. The setting offers breathtaking views of the Vara-Shikar and Annapurna South peaks. After visiting the lake, you'll return to Kopra Ridge for your overnight stay.

  • 14, Trek to Swata Village: takes around 5-6 hours,2,277m/7,468ft overnight at guest house B/L/D.

    Continuing your journey, you'll enjoy a leisurely walk with a long descent, passing Chistibung and venturing into forested areas. You'll cross a few streams on a gradual winding path and re-enter the realm of farm villages and warmer temperatures. The trail will take you to Swata Village, populated by the Pun Magar tribe, with views of the Dhaulagiri range.

  • 15, Trek to Ghorepani; takes around 5 hours,2,860m/9,380ft overnight at guest house B/L/D.

    After experiencing the complete wilderness and hidden pockets of the Annapurna Himalaya, today's walk will take you back to the main trekking trails. Upon reaching Chitre villages and enjoying fabulous views of Dhaulagiri, you'll steadily climb through a rhododendron forest to get a high ridge at Ghorepani, one of the most famous villages known for its scenic views of Poon Hill.

  • 16, Hike to Poon Hill and Descend to Tikedhunga, then Drive to Pokhara: takes around 7 hours overnight Hotel at Pokhara B/L/D.

    In the early morning, you'll hike from Ghorepani to Poon Hill, which takes less than an hour. Poon Hill stands at an altitude of 3,210m and offers stunning sunrise views over the world's three highest mountain ranges: Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, and the majestic Machhapuchare Himal. Before descending to Ghorepani for breakfast, you'll enjoy a glorious panorama of more than 360-degree views of the peaks. Afterward, you'll continue downhill through pleasant rhododendron woodlands and reach Ulleri village, followed by Tikhedhunga, where you'll find views of waterfalls along the way. Your trek takes you through more farm villages, and you'll eventually reach a warmer climate. From there, you'll drive to Pokhara by jeep.

  • 17, Pokhara relax and Exploration Day 827 M/2713 ft.

    After breakfast at Pokhara Go for the sightseeing tour of some places like Davis falls, Gupteswor cave etc. of do some extra adventure sport, Paragliding, Zipline, Bungee jumping according to your wish or Drive back to Lakeside and take your leisurely time on your own to get some massage, strolling around lakeside, shopping etc.

  • 18, Drive back to Kathmandu or fly back to Kathmandu. Take around 7-8 hours by bus option. Have a flight at extra cost take around 25 minute1,337m/4,385ft overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu, B.

    Depending on road conditions, You'll then drive back to Pokhara, passing through farm villages and fields to reach Kathmandu. After the exhilarating journey, you'll be transferred to your respective hotels in the bustling city of Kathmandu.

  • 19, Departure from Nepal.

    On your final day in this fascinating and culturally rich country, you'll be transferred to Kathmandu International Airport for your international or connecting flight back home. Please let me know if you need any further information or assistance! see you soon.

How Much Does This Trip Cost?

The cost of the trip differs based on the services you select and the size of your group. Every trip we arrange is Reasonable and unique, recognizing that each traveller has different needs and desires.

Prepare for a desired holiday customized to whichever trip you prefer, and choose whether you are seeking an affordable adventure, a luxurious resort group, or a solo traveller. Let us plan and attend to all the particulars so your dream vacation comes true. Relax and focus on creating memorable experiences that will remain with you forever.

What's included

  • Airport picks up and transfers to hotel.
  • Accommodations in Kathmandu and Pokhara 3-star category hotel with breakfast.
  • All of the ground transportation is mentioned in the Itinerary.
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit and TIMS Card.
  • Entry Fee for Poonhill and Hotspring.
  • Pokhara sightseeing and Boating in Phewa lake.
  • An experienced and first aid trained license holder trekking guide.
  • A strong trekking porter (one porter for 2 persons) one porter carries 15 KG.
  • Breakfast lunch dinner during the trekking and Chitwan.
  • Meals, accommodation, transportation, equipment, insurance, and salary for trekking staff.
  • Simple Accommodation during the trek with twin or multi-sharing basis.
  • Applicable government taxes (13% VAT and 10% tourism service charges)
  • Nepali culture show with farewell dinner.

What's Excludes

  • Nepal entry visa and your Travel/Medical insurance.
  • Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Single supplements in hotels except for solo trekking service.
  • Optional trips are not specified in the itinerary.
  • Battery Charges are available during the trek if need to pay extra cost.)
  • Personal trekking equipment, hot shower If needed to pay while on a trek.
  • Drinks (including tea) and Bar Bill (beverage)
  • Helicopter evacuation/rescue in case of emergency
  • Donations to the local organization
  • Tipping to guide and porter.


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