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"Discover Hidden Gems in Nepal."
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Weather and climate of India

India has a diverse climate and weather pattern because of its size and diverse landscape. Generally, India has three seasons: summer, monsoon, and winter. Here is a brief overview of the weather and climate of India:

  1. Summer: Summer in India usually lasts from March to June, characterized by hot and dry weather. The temperature can range from 32°C to 45°C (90°F to 113°F), and some regions experience heatwaves during this season.
  2. Monsoon: The monsoon season in India typically lasts from June to September and is characterized by heavy rainfall and humidity. The southwest monsoon brings rain to most parts of the country, with some regions experiencing floods.
  3. Winter: Winter in India usually lasts from December to February, characterized by cool and dry weather. The temperature can range from 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F) in most parts of the country, but some regions in the north may experience sub-zero temperatures.

India has five major climatic zones: tropical, arid, semi-arid, mountainous, and coastal. The Himalayan region experiences an alpine climate with heavy snowfall, while the coastal areas experience a tropical climate with high humidity and rainfall. The desert regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat experience an arid climate with very little rain.

India has diverse weather and climate patterns. Moreover, the ideal time to visit varies according to the region and your preferences. It is recommended to check the weather conditions before planning a trip to India.

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