"Discover Hidden Gems in Nepal."
"Discover Hidden Gems in Nepal."
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Peoples and hospitalities of India

Indian people are known for their hospitality and warm nature toward guests. In India, the "Atithi Devo Bhava," meaning "guest is equivalent to God," is deeply ingrained in the culture. Here are some ways you can experience Indian hospitality during your visit:

Homestays are a great way to experience Indian hospitality firsthand. You can stay with a local family and get to know their culture and way of life. They often cook traditional meals for you and share stories about their community.

  1. Invitations: If you are invited to someone's home, it's considered polite to bring a small gift, like sweets or flowers, as a token of appreciation. You will often be offered food and drinks, and accepting these offerings is essential as a sign of respect.
  2. Festivals: India has a rich tradition of festivals and celebrations, and attending these events is a great way to experience Indian hospitality. During festivals like Diwali or Holi, families often open their homes to guests and offer sweets and snacks.
  3. Shopping: When shopping in India, it's common for shopkeepers to offer you tea or water as a sign of hospitality. You can also negotiate prices and engage in friendly conversation with them.

In addition to hospitality, Indian people are friendly and welcoming nature toward visitors. 

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